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Someone who goes to school today builds future life. This same person must be alive today to have a future. So can a child whose parent earns Ksh. 200 in a day be promised of future life, if even basic education that the government says is free is still paid for? Where is free basic education, in public primary schools?
This is the question unemployed single parents in Dagoretti Nairobi are asking. Do you know that parents are charged admission fees of between Ksh. 3, 700 and 4, 700 per child? Thereafter, they are required to pay Ksh. 500 per month. Moreover, pupils are asked to report to school every Saturday each paying between Ksh. 50 and 100. Tebby otieno reports on the education burden with a focus in Dagoretti. http://

By Tebby Otieno

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  1. […] Tabitha Otieno, famously known as Tebby, a journalist with Mtaani Radio, has published a story on the Education Burden faced by parents in Dagoretti area of Nairobi. In her investigative report through a grant from the Eye on Corruption project at Transparency International Kenya, Tebby reveals several cases where pupils have been asked to pay school fees of up to 4,000 KSH per term. Click below to listen to the story. This story was fist broadcasted at Mtaani Radio 99.9FM. […]

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