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Feeding and Toilet construction in Tollen Centre

Tens of children are seated under mabati-walled structures staring at new faces in their compound. We visited the Tollen Centre in Dagoretti, here we observed a certain ambivalence when it comes to children satisfaction with the environment. Due to inadequate financing in these centers, this cohort can sometimes lack food and clothes. Education remains the only hope for a better future.
In response, Oya Oya Family, a group of our drive show fans led by Mc Barr Prince which was founded in 2016 started projects to support the centers. During its inception Dagoretti youth were deeply immersed in drug abuse, crime, unemployment which translated to high poverty levels. In the long run, children born from these families were absorbed in children rescue centers for alternative parenthood.

OyaOya undertook resource mobilization from local leaders and the community to support the children Homes donating foodstuffs, constructing settlement structures. Tollen centre is hosting over 120 kids, the structures erected in a hectare land doubles as a home and school to them. Students study under mabati shanties and lacking sleeping mattresses. They are at risk of contacting weather-borne diseases such as Pneumonia.

This monthly initiative provides balanced nutrition to children from poor backgrounds to give them the necessary energy to better prepare their future.Through support from our external partners were are spearheading construction of toilets at the facility as well as donating Ungas and other commodities in the Centre. Through such programs we engage the community to realize fundamental primary human rights of children, women and youth in Dagoretti.

By Kevin Oduor

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