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Social Media addiction in college age students

In a study recently published in the African Journal of Clinical Psychology, an affiliate of Daystar University in Nairobi, researchers found alarmingly high rates of social media addiction in university age students in seven schools in Nairobi County. The study observed 385 university students along with counselors selected from each school and asked them about their social media habits and what accounts they owned. The findings reported that Whatsapp was the most used social media site and was followed by Facebook and Instagram. On the other hand, Snapchat and Youtube were found to be the least used among the sample population. However, the study goes onto explain that although Whatsapp is one of the most popular, it is not very addictive while Snapchat, a site not as commonly used was one of the most addictive. The results were also broken down by gender and type of institution. The researchers reported that females are more likely to be addicted to social media than males because, as one of the researchers explains, “females keep on checking their [social media] accounts to see whether their friends are liking the photos they post. If they find more likes, they post more and as a result they become addicted to online social networking.” As for type of institution, the results showed that private institutions sponsored by a religious institution had the most social media addicted students followed by private non religious sponsored institutions and then public universities. The report concluded by recommending that universities as well as students take action in order to break social media addiction by educating young students about the danger social media can pose as well as how universities can better engage their students.

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