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By Tebby Otieno

The Excellence School principal, Moses Wokono addressing students and teachers at the school assembly on January 14, 2020

At thirteen years old, he was so happy that his hard work had finally landed him opportunity, in a boarding boy’s national secondary school in Kitui County. This only lasted for a year due to what he describes as unfavorable climate.

Fidel Mutemi, now 17 year old travelled back to Nairobi`s Kawangware slum, where he had been brought up. His parents then transferred him to a day private secondary school.

The Kawangware I`m living in, Helped me acquire goals I was looking for

 Despite the daily challenges that he faced, being a day-scholar, Mutemi remained focused. His dedication rewarded him. When he was admitted at The Excellence Mixed Day School in 2017, he felt he was in a really good place. This is the institution that was to mould him how to relate with reality of life.

` For me I can say that the Kawangware I`m living in, It is a really good place. In this place you know the reality of life, how life goes on outside here. So even if you are a form one, do not look for a school outside. I have studied here and at the end I have managed to acquire goals I was looking towards to. Teachers here make sure students have put into consideration what the syllabus is all about` he says

Top 2019 KCSE Candidate

When Education Cabinet Secretary Prof. George Magoha announced the 2019 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination results, Mutemi was in the list of top students. He scored a mean grade B+ of 68 points and became the top candidate at The Excellence School in Kawangware slum.

`My school has been great. I joined this school in form two because the school I was at initially, the climate in that area was affecting me so I had to move to The Excellence School. They warmly welcomed me into this school. Teachers have greatly supported me in education journey, I can say that my class teacher has been a good example; the principal has been a good role model. My family encouraged me to come to The Excellence School; they have really supported me in every step I take. They knew when I come here; I would be able to achieve my goals in life. Greatly, I would like to thank God` Says Mutemi.

Top KCSE candidate, Fidel Mutemi and Mtaani radio`s Tebby Otieno during an interview on January 14, 2020 in front of The Excellence School`s boardroom

        What next after KCSE results

Fidel Mutemi is optimistic that the body charged with admitting students to public universities, Kenya Universities and College Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) will recognize his excellence and place him either at Maseno University or University of Nairobi to study either of his coveted course which is medicine and engineering.

`For now I want to take a degree course in nursing at Maseno University. For second option I would like to do electronic engineering in University of Nairobi ` He concludes

I plan to have a bright future, just here at The Excellence

Even as Fidel Mutemi leaves The Excellence School to join university, he is a pacesetter to those behind him in the school. Vivian Muyuka, a 16 year old first born girl in their family also stays with her family in Kawangware. She has been studying at the same school since form one. Now in her fourth year, Ms. Muyuka does not want any grade below B+.

Every morning she walks to her dream school, she believes in success of hard work. She is looking forward to being a lecturer so that she can change people`s lives  

`I plan to have a bright future, just here at The Excellence. I plan to have a good grade, an A minus at the end of this year and I hope I`ll make it because everything is possible with God`

Brain behind The Excellence School

The last born in a family of fourteen who became an orphan in his teens, stayed in Kawangware for long time from time he checked in for his hustles. After sometimes, he felt the need to give back to community. His interest was in gathering needy children together in the slum setting.

In 2005, Moses Wokono became the founder of The Excellence School in Kabiro, Kawangware in Dagoretti Sub County. The school is a registered Community Based Organization (CBO) that began as a temporary feeding centre with eight children.

Now 2020, Moses Wokono has every reason to wake up early because the school now has more demand from the community. The Excellence School integrate primary and secondary , both performing excellently.

`We received our Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education, KCSE examination results and for sure the results were very impressive that our 2019 candidates, did us proud by posting a very impressive mean score of above 5.5 and we are really happy. So as I talk to you today, we are a happy lot with the teachers who are with us here today because of the good job they did. ` Mr. Wokono expressed his excitement to students and teachers during their morning assembly at the school compound.

He encouraged his team, that even in 2020 they want to set the record. He says, this will require more efforts from candidates

` 2020 is another year….but still we are up to the task, what is important on your side is to make sure that you become consistent and persistent in what you do. We shall encourage you and we shall walk with you through this journey of 2020 and make sure that we maintain the fire of the excellence school. This is where the heroes are made and born and surely, we want to bear more heroes out of this family of the excellence school. ` Mr. Wokono concluded

 The Excellence School emerged the top five overall and number one in private schools in Dagoretti Sub-County with a mean score of 5.51 in the 2019 KCSE results, an increase from the previous 3.14 2018 mean score.

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