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Evelyn Juma – Living with #Hyperhidrosis

By Changez Ndzai

Evelyne Juma Speaks About Her Hyperhidrosis Condition On Mtaani Radio.

Our morning show Amka Na Mtaa is always on point in discussions mostly revolving around issues concerning health features. Hosted by our very own Kamadi Amata, today’s morning show, we hosted Mrs.  Evelyn Juma, living with Hyperhidrosis condition in the Dagoreti society. One may be asking what is Hyperhidrosis condition?

Hyperhidrosis which is also known as polyhidrosis or sudorrhea is a condition characterized by excessive sweating to individuals. According to Evelyn Juma, this condition is dominant in her family as two of her siblings are also suffering from the same.

Her conversation throughout the talk show, reveals that most people who are suffering from Hyperhidrosis they don’t know that this condition is a disease. In fact on her situation she just came to realize that she was suffering from hyperhidrosis condition just a year ago, but she was born with (Primary Hyperhidrosis). ‘’I just realized that my profusely sweating was a medical problematic condition after one day was visiting a doctor since I was sick with a certain sickness apart from this condition and by the time he was attending  me he realized I was excessively sweating. That’s why he told me I was suffering from a certain serious medical condition known as Hyperhidrosis, but all these years since I was a child I thought it was just normal thing to me. She told radio presenter Kamadi Amata, during JUA AFYA YAKO SEGMENT.

Evelyn Juma, Left with Amka na Mtaa Host Kamadi Amata pose after the radio talk show.


Though it’s not life threaten medical condition, Hyperhidrosis patients have been facing traumatic experiences. According to Evelyn, in her childhood she had dreams of becoming a journalist especially in news anchoring section. But because of the condition deemed herself esteem something which she is fighting hard to regain her self esteem back. ‘’In school I used to admire acting during drama festivals, but whenever I remembered about my condition I did let go the idea of joining drama club.’’  Said Evelyn. She says she felt very bad whenever people refer her to a sweating person instead of using her name. People would describe her character using her sweating condition something which made her feel bad. ‘’People used to refer me with my sweating condition when giving description about my persona, something which was hurting me but they didn’t know.’’ She noted.

Evelyn says stigma is another challenge facing people living with Hyperdrosis condition.  In some cases she could find herself being isolated simply because she was excessively sweating.  ‘’ I could be left out of certain games because of my condition. And this not only in me, but also to many people out there who are facing these challenges who were born with this medical condition.’’  Evelyn says that her mother used to see her as a strong woman with great future ahead for the way she was expressing her towards life as a kid but as she was growing up with all the stigma due to the condition it made feels less important to the society something which she has come to realize it was wrong hence she is fighting back to regain her lost glory. She is reaching out and giving counseling to children or to people who are living with the condition hence making a positive impact in the society.



She said may be some people have been living with this condition unknowingly it’s a medical condition hence have been living with a lot of questions without answers about the solution to end this traumatic condition. Now that they know through this radio interview, Evelyn advised them to take full control of their lives and never regret about it but to create awareness to people so as minimize cases of stigmatization.  According to medical research, Hyperhidrosis condition has primary and secondary causes. With expert saying, the cause of primary condition is difficultly to established but for secondary, there is various factors that may be leading to the condition. Some of these factors include: Alcohol Abuse, Spinal Cord injuries, Diabetic, Gout among others.

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