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Covid-19 – The bitter reality

Kenya is now feeling the pinch of Covid-19. The number of positive cases have kept on increasing since last Saturday. New Covid-19 cases: Saturday – 24, Sunday Sun – 30, Monday – 25 Tuesday – 45.

And as targeted mass testing that began on Friday continues, the number of coronavirus positive cases has risen and is expected to keep going up.

As the number Covid-19 cases begin to rise dramatically in the country, some estates in Nairobi capital city of Kenya has been classified as hot bed of the virus. Among the estate is Kawangware which is found on the west side of the city, Dagoretti.

By Tuesday, evening Kawangware alone had 24 confirmed positive cases. The area is characterized with high population and low income. Most residents here depends on hand to mouth day in day out.

The ministry of health have been urging residents here to stay at home if possible, observe physical distancing and stay away from their work places.

What gives the authorities headache here is many youths, are not heeding the warning.

With about 350,000 people, Kawangware is as busy as pre-corona days. Food stands, clothing stores, and electronics shops were operational, with shoppers not wearing masks and making nonsense of social distancing requirements. 

‘’Because we have actually given a notice that mass testing will be ongoing, we are targeting to have so many people, so long as the timings of the rains does not interfere with. We will also come here after seven day to do follow ups after this fumigation exercise’’. Said Wilson Langat, deputy director public health.

Kenya has not conducted enough Covid-19 tests to ease containment measures against the disease, experts say. 

The number of positive cases in the country as of yesterday was 535 after the Ministry of Health confirmed 45 new cases.

The total number of tests conducted since the first case is 25,869. Several experts warned that this number is too low to support policy decisions such as reopening of restaurants and schools.

More new cases are being reported since the ministry launched expanded testing exercise in Nairobi’s Kawangware estate last week.

The ministry of health through public health is also conducting fumigation in most parts of the area, with the exercise now being done house to house. This was after completing with the markets and public areas.

‘’Sincerely if we hate this government it is now time we employ the use of our own common sense. Do we really need a government directive to wear masks? To keep distance to wash and sanitize?  It is our life not Mr Kenyatta or Kagwe’s life, as one Venus Ondieki (Paradise Kinyozi) commentated on our WhatsApp fun group.

‘’You know what,at the very first phase,people were ready for the lock down and they were actually asking for it,our leaders kept insisting “hatujafika hapo” sasa tumezidi “hapo”and people are not ready,we are broke and fighting for survival. Sasa naona wakifunga  (lock down)will they feed the nation with their “tea” money?’’ asked Wangui Mugo, on our facebook page.

Mtaani Radio, in partnership with Health Communication Resources, is running a campaign to sensitize the communities and to encourage healthy practices among the Kawangware’s youth.

Kamadi Amata
Kamadi Amata
I am a digital content creator with niche in Health, politics, and Human Interest Features.

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