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By Michael Barnabe

A young family in Lenana,Ng’ando ward,Dagoretti South constituency, Nairobi is struggling to raise money to meet  Ksh530,000 hospital bill issued to them by Kenyatta National Hospital, after their 5-month old baby was admitted to the facility after birth.

Emily Anduku was born normally but had complications which were later realized.

His father Bonfave Mayina, is ready to give whatever it takes to ensure the daughter is safe back home. He narrates to Mtaani Radio that if it would have been possible, he would have still the child out of hospital. But things are thick.

Confused as a father, he kept on stammering all through the interview though he is not one.  

 Banface, argued that he had resorted to the plot after all his efforts fall on deaf ears.

Bonface’s daughter was admitted on January 2 after she developed breathing complications at birth on January 1, and he now fears that the bill will continue soaring. 

The boda boda rider had already raised money from selling his cow in his rural home and had bought a nasal cannula tube (for breathing through the nose) at Ksh 10,000 after Baby Emily was admitted. His boda boda hustle can’t raise enough to feed the family and pay for the hospital bill. 

“It’s so painful when you are asked to raise such an amount of money. I can’t think of any other way to do so. Let them kill me if they want to. If push comes to shove, I will have no other way but to still my child. If I find a way through I will do so. The only hindrance is that I am afraid of facing the rule of law’’.

“When my mum sent me money raised from the sale of the cow, my sister was also admitted to the hospital. However, she understood my predicament and my baby was prioritized. I hoped NHIF would save me but I was left wondering,” Boniface disclosed’’.

The baby was being fed through a nasogastric tube as the mother who has spent five months alongside her, cannot breastfeed the ailing daughter. 

More financial woes hit the family after Coronavirus (Covid-19) broke out in March 2020. The family feared that their daughter might contract the deadly disease. 

“Then we heard that the virus had hit the block where she was and the doctors were taken into quarantine’’.

“We were asked to stay at home,” he disclosed. 

He added that the outbreak halted his daughter’s treatment and led to the bills accumulating as KNH diverted staff to avoid contracting the virus. 

Banface can be reached through cell phone No. 0743-124-754