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An article published by online content aggregator Opera News claiming that people who have a particular blood type cannot contract HIV/AIDS has a FALSE HEADLINE.

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The article was reshared from, but most of its content has been copied from another post published in 2019 on — a peer-reviewed online resource for medical information.

The author, Elizabeth Boskey, PhD, who is a social worker and expert writer in the field of sexually transmitted diseases, includes none of the assertions made by the headlines of the article on Opera News and

Rather, Dr Boskey tries to make sense of the relationship between genetics and HIV resistance. She bases her argument on a study carried out by Swedish researchers in 2009, which revealed a new genetic mutation that may confer some level of resistance to HIV.

According to the study, cells with high levels of Pk, a protein found on the surface of several types of blood cells, are significantly harder to infect with HIV than cells with no Pk.

But while this case of genetic resistance has played an important role in research for a functional cure, Dr Boskey cautioned that it would be grossly premature to say that blood type can protect against HIV infection.

“Pk is a way of typing blood. However, it is not commonly used and not part of either the A/B/O or Rh typing systems,” she writes.

Moreover, the study only looked at in vitro susceptibility and studies have yet to be conducted in a living organism.

The article published on Opera News appears to promote an online dating site for HIV-positive individuals, and contains text directly contradicting the headline.

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