Thursday, November 23, 2023

Evans Kibe

Evans Kibe better known as ‘’the ever Smiling MAN’’ is the co-host of ‘’Amka NaMtaa’’, breakfast show that airs every weekday from 0600hrs to 1000hrs. Besides being a presenter he is also a democracy, governance and political reporter.

I’m an outdoors kinda man – open country does it for me something special. But above all spiritual gospel songs will kill me. I enjoy writing and reading. Actually, the latter isn’t true. I know, I know, I love reading scriptures. That’s bad…? May be to you…

Hard work and always ready to learn and ask. He is the only man… I repeat he is the only man I have ever met who don’t love soccer… so what is his favourite sports? The answer is none of the above…!

He loves his work very much no wonder ‘’ God bless the work of my hands.’’ He started working at Mtaani radio 99.9 sauti ya Mtaa an year later after its inception. Does he uses social media? My friend…? give me a break.

He is always cheerful and full of strength. He has also filled in on all the shows at one time or another especially Kikwetu show.

Previously Evans Kibe worked for Mururi Fm.


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