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Fridah Okachi

Better known for her random vibes, Fridah is witty, funny and extremely mischievous. She has loves her Old School Rhumba, Lingala, Zilizopendwa and soukous. When she isn’t on air, well, your guess is as good as ours.

Fridah Okachi is a reporter and a journalist of impeccable professional standards. She’s a program controller and Reporter at Mtaani Radio. She’s passionate about Health reporting, Children stories, public affairs and human interest features

She has undergone various journalism training courses, training with both local and international organizations including Code for Africa, Transparency international of Kenya and Africa check

Fridah strives to be different, tell stories that will have an impact by doing more than what everyone else does and taking control over what happens to his story.

His hobbies include travelling, Watching and Reading..

Social Media Links

Twitter: @FridahVihenda

Facebook: Farida Okachi

Instagram: @faridaokachi

Anchor: Fridah TV

YouTube: Fridah Okachi

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