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Marking the World Mask Week

The world is marking the world mask week.This will run between 7th and 14th of August.This comes at a time when every country   is experiencing the Corona pandemic.As a way of curbing the virus,every citizen is expected to wear a mask when in a public place.

The wearing of mask is a new normal for Kenyans as there has never been such in the recent past.Citizens are therefore giving different opinions on the wearing of masks.There are those who feel that masks suffocate them or hinder their breathing while others find the masks quite expensive.  A section of Kenyans are at crossroads balancing between fetching for food and protecting themselves against the contagion.The government has stepped up efforts to standardize the prices of face covers.Similarly,there are now reusable masks which makes it more economical for Kenyans since they are washable.In addition,some county governments have also donated masks to the residents.

Locals and foreigners  are urged to wear masks.The World Health Organization(WHO) recommends regular hand washing,surfaces hygiene,physical distance and wearing of face masks as key interventions in controlling spread of coronavirus. The mask should not also be loose and should cover the nose,mouth and chin.Moreover, it should also not be worn under the chin since it might get contaminated by that area. A dirty,damp or wet mask should not be used.Sharing of masks,even with close family members,should be avoided completely.If it is a reusable type,wash after use and dry in an airy place.

As the WHO urges us to wear masks during this period,we should take the initiative to do so and also sensitize others on the benefits of doing the same.


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