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Halt Kazi Mtaani for Now,MPs Tell The President

Members of Parliament now want that the Kazi Mtaani initiative which was launched by President Uhuru Kenyatta,be halted,saying that it was poorly planned and is an avenue to embezzle public funds.

On Wednesday,during the second day of the third National Assembly leadership retreat,the lawmakers complained that majority of the youth,especially in the constituencies,have been locked out of the program.

Deputy Speaker,Moses Yeboi,said that the government needs to check the value of the money paid to the youth and the work they do.

The National Treasury Cabinet Secretary,Ukur Yattani,however,insisted that the program will continue until the end of the year as intended,in order to assist the youth get back to their feet after COVID-19.He although admitted that in some areas,the program was hurriedly introduced without proper plan.He added that the measures are currently in place to ensure that the initiative lives up to its intended objective.


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