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COVID-19 Curve Flattening but Let’s Not Rejoice Early,Uhuru.

Speaking at a virtual pandemic response summit to discuss the State’s post-virus recovery plan,President Uhuru Kenyatta has warned Kenyans against premature  celebrations as the number of Covid-19 cases take a nosedive.

The day-long County Governments Covid-19 Virtual Conference comes as the country continues to take stock of the devastation wrought by the pandemic and the responses so far.

He asked all stakeholders at the helm of the fight with Covid-19 to shift their focus to strategies that predict how to deal with the pandemic. Uhuru said he hoped the conference could shade light on how to promote preventative medicine over symptomatic care which is used in the country.He also challenged the leaders to think about how the response might  have an impact on areas such as the environment and how it compared to what others around the world are doing.

With the Corona Virus infection rate at eight percent,President Uhuru Kenyatta has asked Kenyans to grow as a society capable of absorbing shock,emerging on-top and be a society that unites when called upon to do so in the face of monumental challenges.


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