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How Mt.Kenya Region Lost in Revenue Allocation Formula,MP Ndindi Nyoro

After months of standoff characterized by arrests,claims of intimidation,blackmail,bribery and a record 10 adjournments,senators struck a deal and voted to approve the third basis for sharing revenue among counties.

All the 41 elected senators(delegations) present in the House voted unanimously to approve the formula in a session that saw factions that have been warring for months close ranks.

However,Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro has claimed that the revenue sharing formula that was passed on Thursday,after months of impasse,has left Mt.Kenya worse off than before. Nyoro claimed that as Mt.Kenya,they were supposed to get Sh.84 Billion if they were to use the National Per Capital allocation as the baseline. Nyoro added that they therefore got Sh.10 Billion less in the third basis for revenue sharing.Even on the additional Sh.53 Billion which was apparently meant to right past wrongs,he said that they  still got lower at Sh.12.1 Billion against Sh.12.2 Billion that was due to them.






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