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Garissa Senator,Yusuf Haji,has reportedly been  linked to a post that has been doing rounds on several social media platforms.

On the post,there is a quote claimed to be the Senator’s words,the topic being on proposals to expand the Executive.

However,Mtaani Radio fact check desk has weighed on the truthfulness of the same and noted that the Senator did not say the quoted words.

Similarly,the picture being used on the post,is not a recent one.According to the TinyEye Reverse Image Search on google,the image was first used on 27th August,2018 by The Star.However,on clicking the link,the story is no longer there.

news/2018/05/16/arrest-solai-dam-owner-senators_c1758971 – First found on Aug 27, 2018

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This is the same case as the link used by Kenyan News on 13th October,2018.

politics/here-is-what-dpp-noordin-hajis-father-senator-haji-said-about-recent-allegations-of-grabbing-an-84-acre-piece-of-land-in-malindi/ – First found on Oct 13, 2018

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