Posted on: May 11, 2021 Posted by: Kamadi Amata Comments: 0

The 51 successful applicants of the Dagoretti South UWEZO FUND CYCLE 4 disbursement have received a total of Kshs 4,630,000.00/- .

The Ksh 4.63M was distributed to 32 Youth Groups who got Kshs 2,560,000.00/-,

11 Women Groups got Kshs 1,770,000.00/-

and PWD Groups got Kshs 300,000.00/-

Dagoretti south member of parliament John KJ Kiarie was the invited guest during the ceremony that lasted few minutes due to directive to contain the spread of covid 19.

Kj urged those who received the cash to utilize it to achieve their desired dreams. A total of  Kshs 4,630,000.00/- was disbursed.

The MP congragulated the 51 successful applicants of the Dagoretti south UWEZO FUND CYCLE 4 disbursement.

This is the largest amount to be given in a single constituency since the establishment of UWEZO FUND.