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Selling of “Changa’a has Increased in Waithaka

By Magaret Ndegwa.

Waithaka  senior chief Korir on monday led his assistant  Evans Gichovi and local residents to destroy houses used in brewing local alcohol “Changa’a”.

According to those present during the raid, told Mtaani Radio that a middle age man lost his life after consuming the brew. This prompted the action from the authorities.

Selling of the local brew in Waithaka has been on increase with authorities unable to deal with it. Majority of the residents and especially women have shifted their blames to a section of police officers who they have accused of colliding with the brewers.

The residents said that police cars have been patrolling the areas and collecting 50 bob from the brewers and allow them to continue with their business as usual. This they say started way back in 2014.

A cross check by Mtaani Radio has find out that areas selling local brew has immensely increased in numbers. The areas include, Waithaka, Kabiria, Kwa Maji satelite, Lost city, Mutego, Makaburini, Dagoretti market Nduaru among others.

In 2016 president Uhuru Kenyatta Ordered for the destruction of all dens that were selling second generation alcohol in the area. This somehow reduced the selling and its consumption reduced significantly.


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