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A post circulating on WhatsApp warning the public to be aware of people going door to door handing out face mask saying that its government initiative. The circulating post is also asking the public not to accept the Face masks from strangers since people are desperate by taking advantage with the aim of making quick money.


When Kenya reported the first case of Covid 19 virus in March 2019, WhatsApp was used by public on sending and receiving messages warning people.

Mtaani Radio fact checking desk has confirmed from Waithaka senior chiefs office that the circulation is not true.

A what whatsApp message circulating in various groups in Dagoretti.


Social media about unidentified people are stealing from residents giving out mask doused with chemicals. Speaking to Mtaani Radio,  Waithaka senior chief Mr. Korir confirm to Mtaani radio facks check desk that there is no such incident that has been reported in his office. Further, he says in past few days they had security meeting with other security operators within Dagoretti Sub County and such case was not raised.



This story was produced by Kamadi Amata at Mtaani newsroom in partnership with Code for Africa’s iLAB data journalism programme