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Mobile Markets are filled with Fake Phones

Fake and original phones

By Fridah Okachi.

Mobile Markets are filled with Fake Phones that are posted on media platforms. An iphone 12 that has been circulating on social media worth 43000 resembling an original one is fake.

Mtaani radio factcheck desk have discovered that companies are advertising fake iPhone which has captured the market attention.

The replica phones presented in the market looks similar to the original phone and selling them as Original even with Branded tags.

The Smartphone market is awash with fake devices ranging from Tecno, Samsung, Infinix, iPhone to Huawei which are readily available at some shady phone retailers.

These phones are commonly referred to as ‘china phones’ a disparaging stereotype to describe the sub-standard products coming from China that have unique selling points.

Photo illustrating fake and original iPhone//photo courtesy of Facebook


First check the features like spellings which may be wrongly spelled, warranty which is usually 12 months,

Appearance of the phone is mostly what you need to check to know the originality of the phone. Check on colors which the fake ones have dull colors, fake logos, wrong location of buttons and battery and quality of printing.

The other method is checking phones quality through 15 digit from international mobile equipment identity.


This story was produced by Fridah Okachi at Mtaani newsroom in partnership with Code for Africa’s iLAB data journalism program.

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