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No such pastor exist in Kenya…

Its False!

By Michael Barnabe.

Recently, there have been a video going rounds in social media of a pastor who was seen shaving his female congregants  private parts in church.

The video attracted all sought of judgement from people all over social media and even the media houses. The worst bit is that most people thought it was true. The reality is different. Its false!


In the video, a Twi-speaking man acting like a pastor shaved the private parts of some women as part of a spiritual direction. Standing in front of a banner with the caption “3-Day Supernatural Cleansing”, the supposed pastor was heard informing the ladies that when it gets to their turn to approach him, they should remove their own pant.

Video Courtesy of NESTWAN


While shaving, another man, perhaps a junior pastor, is seen with a white handkerchief collecting the pubic hair even before they fall to the ground. The pastor was so angry as he shaved the ladies, complaining that some people have been questioning and ridiculing his spiritual directions.

A screen shot of the said pastor allergy  shaving one of her congregants 

image, courtesy 

As usual Kenyans were also not left behind in such matters. From twitter, to facebook to you tube. Many of them saying that the preacher’s act took place in a church, in Kenya. Every user talking about how Kenya pastors are becoming more creative in corning Kenyans.

A pastor waiting for the woman to remove her inner wear.

image, courtesy 

A  fact check done by Mtaani Radio has established  that the video was not a real-life situation but only a clip from a movie and indeed the there is no such existing church or pastor in Kenya.

The language used by this pastor blinks is not Kenyan.

The pastor’s full name is Nana Mensah.

Nana Mensah in an interview

image, courtesy 

Mtaani  Radio can also establish that the video is not from a church but of the drama scen  where NANA MENSAH played as pastor where he got the name Pastor Blinks

Nana Mensah is not a pastor in real life he  is a movie producer, scriptwriter and director, who owns a production house called Phens Multimedia in ghana.

In his recent interview on Okay Fm with Abeiku Santana on his Ekwanso Dwoodwoo show has revealed that he has multiple movies that showed him in similar role.He later said that they’re on a motive to expose fake pastors in Ghana.

A screen shot of the reaction after viewing the video.

‘’I am  just an actor and a producer and whatever people saw on social media was part of my productions. I wrote the whole scene. People calling for may arrest are just misguided and I can’t blame them.’’ Mensah said.



This story was produced by Michael Barnabe at Mtaani newsroom in partnership with Code for Africa’s iLAB data journalism programme.

Kamadi Amata
Kamadi Amata
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