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Sorry Its Not you KJ…

Dagoretti south residents have come up in arms with the member of parliament for grabbing a development opportunities for his political mileage 

By Evans Kibe

2022 Dagoreti south Member of Parliament aspirant Grace Lobo Mikinya has clear misinformation alleged spread by current Dagoreti south Member of Parliament John Kj Kiarie, through his face book account that his office is partnering with the Church Of Jesus Christ Of The Latter Day Of Saint, Nyakinyua Road to construct seven classrooms at Riruta Satellite Primary School that went up in flames on 28th February 2021. Mikinya’s message came a day after a post went viral on social media that Dagoreti south NG-CDF is taking part to reconstruct the classes that were burnt early this year.

According to Mikinya, she put it into perspective that several local leaders were invited by the church carrying out the renovation where she was part of the team.

To spill the beans more, Mikinya categorically says the project is fully funded by the Church and the work of the area Member of Parliament was just to give church a go ahead.

Grace Mikinya’s respond to a post by John KJ Kiarie


On a post that was suspected to be a ploy of earning himself (John kj Kiare) a political millage in terms of development, Kiarie linked his Ng-CDF docket as the main co-partner of the project. However Kiarie in His post and photo shared in his Fb account, distance himself from sharing any comment and photos involving Grace Lobo Mikinya whom anticipated to be one of the main Kiarie’s competitor in the next general election as he did to the current Riruta ward MCA James Kiriba.

John KJ Kiarie Post on the reconstruction of 7 classrooms at Riruta Satelite primary school. 

It is believed that dagoreti south member of parliament John Kj Kiarie was demoralized and exposed by Mikinya’s confirmation hence He never utter a word or either he avoided to head on Grace Mikinya on the raised issue.


Below are some of the feedback from those who commented on the post by the Dagoretti south Member Of Parliament John KJ Kiarie.

Prince Miring’u

Leadership must be involved,atleast


 to our MCA Riruta for the first to see him in a development event after 4 years…kudos MCA Kiriba


Can you stop lying for heavens sake Kiarie.This project is fully sponsored by the church through a donor the cdf has nothing to do with it neither does your constituency office.

Teach yourself to speak the truth.Yours is no longer politics but lies,conmanship and deceit..


Mungai David Kimani  John I know we agreed this is confidential but let me let the cat out of the basket kabla hujafanya lisilo la mwanadamu.

Si we agreed uache wivu umaskini na hasira and we also agreed umeona zitakumaliza and later you decided that you have chosen life not wivu umaskini na hasira zenye tuliona zitakumaliza

Peter Mbugua

Thank you mheshimiwa for always being there for the Dagoretti South residents in time on need. Continue doing the amazing work

Geoffrey Moturi

Great things happen when we come together. This is the way to go for bettering our Dago. Bravo Mhesh KJ for your devoted spirit to transform DS. We are proud of You.

Wangari Njeri Mbarikiwa

Wow. Vision leader

You deserve many terms! You clearly understood we need a real transformation in Dagoretti South!

Education in Dagoretti South will never be the same again!

Moses Kabaiku

Community too should be invited when remodeling and planning of expansion too to cater for the increase in pupils. Plan on distribution of metered water from the borehole to give the school a cushion to lean on.

Jugan Jose Ule Msee

Rada Safi, na kazi mzuri mkubwa, endelea kupiga wera na waendele kupata sleepless nights wakitafuta propaganda za kudanganya watu.

Udie Kiarie Kiarie

These guy is just a comman picha za nini amejanza kwa wall na uogo….


Thank you Mheshimwa for investing in Education. Dagoretti South Constituents will remember you for your good deeds.

Geoffrey Moturi

Aye, my John sometimes it is unfortunate if you endeavour in reading nothing else apart from Facebook this leads to some intellectual deficiencies which are incurable.

  1. Ndugu do you even know what a PPP is?
  2. Have found time to enlighten yourself to know what entities partner in such an arrangement?
  3. Do you know what instruments bind the parties?

The expressway is a PPP you don’t see Presidential aspirant Mwalimu Dida signing on behalf of Kenya.

Make some time to seek knowledge to cure ignorance, Make Google your friend.

Charles Mumira Waithaka

John its clearly mentioned… such kind of partnership should never be subjected to this kind of shenanigans but rather welcomed.. I know u well past this, don’t let the electioneering heat drag u here.


This story was produced by EVANS KIBE at Mtaani newsroom in partnership with Code for Africa’s iLAB data journalism programme.

Kamadi Amata
Kamadi Amatahttps://mtaaniradio.or.ke
I am a digital content creator with niche in Health, politics, and Human Interest Features.

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