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False UN has not blacklisted Mukisa Kituyi

Fake Mukhisa Kituyi being blacklisted by the UN.

By Yamumo Stella

Sensational news emerged online indicating that former UNCAT Secretary General Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi has been blacklisted on the UN list over his recent sex scandal published on the Weekly Citizen newspaper as well as on their website


The said article is said to have been published by citizen weekly  indicated that Kituyi has been stripped off various benefits that come with having worked for the United Nations including that of using his diplomatic passport as well as wavering other immunities.

A picture of the said post about Mukisa being blacklisted by UN

Kituyi has so far refuted claims of the said video as indicated on his statement – quoted “I, therefore, dismiss the photo-shopped edited video doing rounds on social media purporting to expose my private parts. It doesn’t in any way whatsoever depict the true representation of my private organs. I want to distance myself from such false and untrue malicious stories destined at killing my political career,” he said.

He further made a statement on his social media – Facebook published on the 17th and 18th June respectively- ”Fabricated video shop won’t deter us from achieving our purpose. We shall resuscitate our dwindling economy 2022. #mk22’’ and ‘‘#Cartels have realized we are winning and they are now busy manufacturing all sorts of propaganda from videos to photos. Kenyans are not that gullible to fall into retrogressive traps. I repeat I am the exact #antitode to the cartels.

Kenyans should know that we are heading to a rigorous campaigns and opponents are sponsoring anything to remain relevant, because they have no concrete policies. #Propaganda is inevitable in democratic nations. #mk22”.

The CEO of the Kenya  Film and Classification Board KFCB Dr. Ezekiel Mutua stated that if deed the video was recorded the making of such videos with or without the consent of the persons is a breach of the Film and Stage plays Act Cap 222 and that one should get a license prior to recording or filming such content.

Looking through the United Nations website there is no evidence of such information that has so far been published on Kituyi’s being blacklisted.




This story was produced by Yamumo Stella at Mtaani newsroom in partnership with Code for Africa’s iLAB data journalism programme.

Kamadi Amata
Kamadi Amata
I am a digital content creator with niche in Health, politics, and Human Interest Features.

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