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People gather Covid 19 information from the internet and some end up misguided


By Evans Isohe.

Online Journalist. 

Edited by Kamadi Amata.

As the world continue to battle the Covid 19 pandemic, there has been a number of disinformation and misinformation about signs and symptoms of the virus.

People gather information from the internet and some end up misguided by following it.

In recent days we captured a text send to social media specifically on WhatsApp. The message was from a certain WhatsApp group of doctors and wants those who access it to spread it widely.

The information Reads,

“Be warned, stay at home. The virus is back, this time with more energy, tactics and camouflage. We don’t cough, no fever, its joint pain, weakness, loss of appetite and Covid pneumonia. Of course the death rate is higher, it takes less time to get to the extreme. Sometimes no symptoms lets be careful. The strain is not domiciled in our nasopharyngeal region. It directly affect the lungs, which means window periods is shortened. I have seen a number of patients without fever, but an x-ray report shows moderate chest pneumonia. The nasal swab is often negative for Covid 19”.

“Which means that the virus spreads directly to the lungs causing acute respiratory distress due it viral pneumonia. This explains why it has become acute and more fatal. Be careful and avoid crowded places, wear a face mask was your hands often”.

“Do not keep this information to yourself, share it with your family and friends. Please take care and stay safe.as received”.

According to Mtaani Radio facts check desk, part of the information is misleading and not true while part of is. According to information about updates on covid 19 virus by world health organization WHO, the virus has updates on its symptoms from severe to mild.  The new wave of covid 19 is associated by cough and difficulties in breathing, the spread lay out of the disease is faster and a person may die in a short period of time if not attended to by medics. This information is different from what the group of doctors had poste saying that there is no cough, no fever and associated with pneumonia.

Fact check confirm information which is true according to the text message, the virus spread directly to the lungs causing respiratory distress which the WHO, has warned the public of. It is also true that the new wave spreads faster in the immune system.

This are some of the symptoms we discovered so far;
1. Gastrointestinal tract infections: Symptoms of Gi-tract infections associated with covid-19 which include loss of hunger, vomiting, abdominal pain, and loose stools.
2. Hearing loss: Hearing loss is one of the symptoms in the second wave of covid-19 infection. It may range from mild, moderate to severe which results in a sudden hearing loss, impaired hearing, or ringing sound in your ears.
3. Extreme lethargy and weakness: Extreme weakness and lethargy have been reported as one of the early symptoms of the covid-19 infection, more so during the second wave.
4. Pink eye or conjunctivitis: Pink eye is an infection of the eye which results in the swelling of the outer transparent membrane (called the conjunctiva) of your eyelid and eyeball for third wave.
5. Dry mouth or not enough saliva: Saliva is the watery, frothy substance produced in your mouth that helps in digestion and keeps your teeth and mouth moist and healthy.

6. Diarrhoea: Diarrhoea or loose watery stools is one of the widespread symptoms seen in covid-19 patients during the second wave third and fourth wave.

7. Headache: Sudden headaches can be a symptom of covid-19. A normal headache that continues for a long time and does not subside with painkillers.

8. Skin rashes: Recent studies have highlighted skin rashes as a new symptom of covid-19. Patients have reported rashes on their hands and feet, which are usually called acral rashes. Studies suggest that these rashes can develop as a result of the immunological response to the virus.

Our fact check desk has since established that the intentions of the text was ‘’partially” to spread awareness and encourage the public to take care of themselves not to conduct covid 19 virus.

This story was produced by Evans Isohe at Mtaani newsroom in partnership with Code for Africa’s iLAB data journalism programme.

Kamadi Amata
Kamadi Amatahttps://mtaaniradio.or.ke
I am a digital content creator with niche in Health, politics, and Human Interest Features.

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