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The school does not furniture, It has a big population while local leaders have politicized all development projects.


By Evans Kibe.

Edited By Kamadi Amata.

“My Good friend Hon. John Kiarie! You have made Ndurarua, Mukarara, and now Mukarara and Kagira! Please help me with chair so that I can serve my people comfortably”. These are the words of Kagira primary school head teacher Kihara Gathinji. Kagira primary school is located at Uthiru Ruthimitu ward.

Head Teacher plea

Kihara Gathinji applaud Dagoretti South Member Of Parliament John Kj Kiarie for considering construction of a secondary school, in west part of Dagoretti South Constituency (Uthiru area and through Ng-cdf establish Kagira Secondary School).

Uthiru Ruthimitu Ward is one of the largest ward geographically within Dagoretti south Constituency. It comprises two major villages (Uthiru and Ruthimitu)

Kagira Primary school Head teacher (Right) with Mtaani Radio journalist Evans Kibe (Left) at his office. 

Distance covered   

Since independence, the two villages (Uthiru and Ruthimitu) have been sidelined in terms of education facilities and structures as compared to other areas and wards.

Specific the far end of Uthiru area, since independence the residents have been facing challenges of where their children can join secondary school. It is in record that parents from Kagondo, Muthua, Gathondeki Uthiru junction and Koppa area, unless their children got admission in neighboring Kiambu county.

Alternatively their children have to walk for several kilometres to join Ruthimitu mix or Ruthimiti girls. Despite the presence of several private schools in the word, most parents are unable to meet their school fees.

Construction of Kagira secondary school in progress 


Push and benefits

Local residents believe that it’s through such Education historical Injustice background that Led Dagoretti south Member of Parliament John KJ Kiarie to consider constructing a secondary school at Kagira. The school will admit students mostly from Kagira, Kagondo and Gathondeki. It will also have a capacity to admit students from Uthiru koppa, lower part of 87 bordering Kiambu County and students living along Muhuri Road.

Kagira Primary school Head Teacher in his office. 


To understand the need of the Kagira Secondary Schools and if possible two more Secondary Schools within Uthiru Ruthimitu Ward, We visited Kagira Primary Head teacher Kihara Gathinji. And while speaking to Mtaani Radio, Gathinji was surprised that some politician are taking too much time politicking about the school. He urged the parents of the potential candidates to be cautious with politicians.

The school head teacher remain optimistic on the impact the school will create in the community. He applaud John Kj Kiarie for putting education first. He said his education legacy will remain.


According to parents around the school, the construction of Kagira secondary school is one of the most precious thing that will forever remain in their hearts. One of the residents went further to make her appeal to the area administration to at least add more schools for the benefits of the parents.

Githinji request

However, Githinji made a special request to the Dagoretti south member of parliament John Kj Kiarie whom he term as his good friend for a couples of years. He said for a long time he has been having a problem that he would wish to share with Dagoretti south Mp but now time has come. He says for the years he has been at the school, the school lack furniture.

“I attend to guest and other visitors while standing. You can imagine. Please my good friend KJ do us a favor.” He said.

Kagira Primary school reception desk

In this, he appeals to the MP to visit him specifically to see how the situation he is in as school Head teacher. We could not hide our sympathy while in his office.





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