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Ghanaian Youths Rejects rice

In a video shared on Instagram by @lindaikejiblog, claims that some Ghanaian youths rejected bags of rice donated by one of the country’s politicians and asked for jobs improved standard of living instead. 

The youths were heard shouting  that  they needed jobs instead of what they were offered.

However there have been discussion and arguments on the reality of the said piece.

Mtaani radio through fact check desk decided to find the truth behind this video.

Our research through Ghanaian media organisations revealed the incident occurred in a location known as Busunu in West Gonja Municipality.

Ghanaian youths rejected bags of rice donated by one of the country’s politicians

Based on our multiple verifiable evidence, the claim that some Ghanaian youths rejected bags of rice from their lawmaker is TRUE.


The municipal is under the Savannah district and its capital is Damongo. The incident was reported on 20 July 2021. Youths from the community rejected bags of rice sent to them by the federal lawmaker representing Damongo Constituency, Samuel ABU Jinapor.

The youth were led by one of their teachers identified as Gbelo.

“The era of promise and fail by politicians and political parties in Busunu is over. We didn’t ask you to give us rice, you promised us jobs and not rice and we have gone beyond the rice,” the youth chanted.

Reports say the food gift was for the Eid-el-Adha celebration among Muslims in his constituent in Ghana.

lawmaker is a lawyer and also a member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Ghana. The lawmaker had earlier promised the youth jobs during the election period which brought him to office.

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