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Naomba unikome is the true Taifa leo Headline on 5th Nov 2021

By Michael Barnabe.

Of course, when newspapers publish reports, editors strive to provide the big stories with an interesting headline to attract more buyers and readers. But there are also some strange headlines.

The correct Taifa leo headline


There are times when online users and bloggers, see interesting tittles, and try to change the real headlines in magazines and turn them into jokes.


Many readers find themselves in the throes of reading fake news and believing it to be true and some find themselves spreading it in online and to friends.


The most recent case is where the bloggers turned the headline of TAIFA LEO newspaper and made it look wrong.



TAIFA LEO newspaper, Friday’s edition on read ” NAOMBA UNIKOME” but they played around with it and wrote ‘’NAOMBA UNITO*BE.


The headline was about a report on Machakos governor Alfred Mutua and his ex-girlfriend, MS Lilian Nganga.


A photo of the front page with the fake headline was seen circulating online, Friday morning with some individuals also posting it on their WhatsApp status.


However, Mtaani radio wanted to find out the truth about the origin and reality of the newspaper image.


After speaking with some of the publishers at the nation Africa that owns the Taifa leo, we were able to identify that the image was spreading lies.

A fake Taile Leo Headline

We also visited various stations that sell the newspaper wanting to see the real headline.


We have found that the real headline is ‘please stop me’. “Naomba unikome” and not otherwise as it seems.


Mtaani Radio urges you to ignore the picture and not to be a vocative of fake news.


This story was produced by Michael Barnabe  at Mtaani newsroom in partnership with Code for Africa’s iLAB data journalism programme, with support from Deutsche Welle Akademie’.’

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Kamadi Amata
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