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Painful but good at last…

By Michael Barnabe.

Small business traders who serve alongside Kabiria and Kahuho road junction will eventually find a smile.

This is after the Nairobi metropolitan services NMS initiated the rehabilitation of a sewer pipe that had become a perennial problem during rainy seasons.

However, the operation had a serious impact on the businessmen. Most affected businessmen were those with groceries stalls.

“Yes, we are glad they are repairing the sewer line but they have also demolished our stalls’’, Naomi Njeri said.

She further said, ‘’our jobs are now stalled and I don’t know where to turn to get money’’.

Paul Mburu, an electronic accessories in the affected area has been forced to close temporarily to allow construction to be completed.

‘‘I had to close my shop temporarily because my clients cannot access the shop. This is a loss because I will go home without anything. But we have no other option than to bear with the situation until the work is done’’, said Paul Mburu.

The hawkers have underscore the importance of the project but still insist that NMS should fasten the construction process.


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