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No campaigns in learning institutions

By Mercy Atieno.

As the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education(KCPE) Commences across the country, politicians have been warned against using students in their campaigns especially during this exam period.

This is according to Dr. Sara Ruto the Cabinet Administrative  Secretary, who has said, during the electioneering period , many schools serve as polling stations and the minister warns that, that should not be the reason for politicians to misuse students.

“The school is very critical institution of society and that is why even as we go on during the political period the school is the centre where people come to vote so political cautiousness, political education is a function that is for all of us and the the school plays its part and having said that we are not allowing anybody to come and play politics with children

I think that will not be the right thing where politicians are putting their pictures and doing their  campaigns in schools that is not right,” she said.

“let our children continue to do their education they will become voters in time and that is why as part of the school process we have sessions in which young children elect their leaders  their prefects that is a socialization and education of what they will need to do in future. We do not run away but we protect the sanctity of the school and the learner that they do what they need to do at these particular time and the law is very clear on that,” he said.

At the same time, Ruto has promised that the ministry is working together with the Ministry of interior to strengthen the security of the students across the country.

“We have indeed had a few incidences and instances of insecurity in a few parts of the country and the security organs of the country assize of the matter and adequate security has been put in place. indeed its noted a child who doing exams when they have had to go through insecurity we understand that they will not be in the right space of mind but it is about what is the balance perhaps is better for them to do the exams these way. We are assured of 100% transition they will proceed on to schools  and to schools and to schools  hopefully that they also wanted I think that is the important thing that would make the best of the situation and ensure that children do transition and that is the situation that has been handled is being handled by the relevant ministry”.

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