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NCCK ask youths to be peace ambassadors during this electioneering period.

By Mercy Atieno

The National Council Of Churches in Kenya( NCCK)has asked youths in the country to be ambassadors of peace in the Nation.
Speaking to press in Eldoret town Bishop Silas Ruto the NCCK youth chairman in North rift region has said that during elections many youths are used to stir up violence thus causing many of them to loose their lives.

”As NCCK we are using every opportunity to preach about peace especially targeting the youth people and especially these electioneering period to live a peaceful time to maintain peace”, Said Ruto.

He further Said, ”Recently we have launched the National youths manifesto and we were telling the government that ‘sisi vijana twaweza’and that they cannot do without us”.

”We are telling the leadership of these country that we as young people of Kenya, we are not ready at any given point to be used by agents of violence because these politicians especially these time of elections there is these thing you as young people to use and misuse you in a way that is not pleasing before God”.

”The country is in the progress of election and we are very much aware of what happened in 2007-2008 and we dont want to go back there. The politicians that are rival, have you ever seen there children throwing stones? Have you ever seen there children on streets exercising violence? why us the young people we even dont relate to the politicians accept to participate in violence”? ”We are calling on us young people to preach peace wherever we go please, the chaos and violence experienced in the past years we regret about it and we dont want to go back to it”.

Bishop Ruto has further called on the political leaders of these country to watch on their utterances that will lead to incitement to violence during these election period.

”We want to tell politicians wherever they are to be much careful on their words, whatever they utter from their mouths should not be words that will bring hatred among different parties. Remember we have been living together as one family in the last five years when it reaches elections you start standing against each another. Imagine you have stayed together these all years what is it that can make you change and stand against the peace that you used to have, Its because sometimes these politicians incite you youths, as a youth dont and never agree to be enticed by 50shillings to engage in violence that will bring a big trouble in our country Kenya. We want to say no and tell them that we dont want incitement any more”.

Meaning Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC)has been further asked to enhance civic education and that also Governmental and non-governmental agencies to take their rightful position to preach about peace to these country and ensure credible and peaceful elections.
”we want to add that voters bribery is unethical, your 50 shillings is not of help and a prosperous nation is to equip and empower. for us to have a good nation we must educate the young generation.
Remember we are the majority over 70% are the young people but look at our engagement we become an AOB thing and yet us we are the majority.
The security agencies have also been asked to exercise their duties in balance not to be mean to another political parties.

Kamadi Amata
I am a digital content creator with niche in Health, politics, and Human Interest Features.

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