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“This person is the one who was interfering with the results.” Lawyer Julie Soweto

By Kamadi Amata.

Lawyers appearing for Raila Odinga and Martha Karua at the Supreme Court made startling revelations as they sought to show that forms 34A on the IEBC server were tampered with by Jose Camargo, one of the three Venezuelan nationals arrested and later deported.

Advocates Paul Mwangi and Julie Soweto showed the Supreme court judges how one Form 34A they found in the IEBC server had been tampered with and had some numbers changed.

Lawyer Mwangi showed the court one form 34A that bore the name of Jose Camargo at the top left corner of the form.

Camargo Castellanos Jose Gregorio was arrested together with Joel Gustavo Rodríguez García and Salvador Javier Suarez on Thursday, July 21 while carrying election materials. They were also said to be employees of Smartmatic International B.V, the company procured by IEBC to provide technology for the August 9th General Election.

“You are tech savvy and you can access the IEBC portal. I’m asking that we go to the forms portal,” said Soweto.

In Murang’a county, in Gacharaigu Primary school, Soweto showed the court how Camargo made maneuvers in the server.

The foreigner was one of the Venezuelans who was arrested at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on charges of interfering with the election.

Soweto made the live video presentation to demonstrate discrepancies from the IEBC’s public portal.

The name “Jose Camargo” was at the left side of the form.

“This person is the one who was interfering with the results. This is on the 9th August and we were told they were not there,” she said.

“When we go to the bombshell itself, the top left-hand corner of the form, we were told by Mr Gumbo there were no foreigners in this election, we were told the foreigners left before August 8, we were told they did not even have access to maintain the server…” said Ms Soweto.

“At the top left-hand corner is the name of one of Venezuelans Jose Camargo, this is the person who decided the president-elect of this country.”

Kamadi Amata
I am a digital content creator with niche in Health, politics, and Human Interest Features.

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