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Candidate from Daughters of Mary College Ndunyu excels

By Evans Isohe

As the world impress education as a way of changing livelihoods, there are some families that lack funds to take their children to school. Others face rejection and end up idling in streets as hard life continues to bite.

At the daughters of Mary College located in Ndunyu has taken the mantle not only to teach skills that will help this kind of youths in the society but also act as a rehabilitation Centre where they get refuge and education.

Sister Purity wawira is the head of the school and says the school is focusing on helping young youths in the society.

“This school started in 2015 by Don Bosco with the aim of helping this youths, we teach them skills like bidding that will help them get work or even employ them”.

Wawira says they equip students with short courses skills.

”This skills take utmost a year and student is ready for self-employed. We also teach students with special needs to do practical work’s but the only challenge we have is how to get market to sell this artifacts works and hand made products such as bags. We are requesting the government to help us get market and also funds to support this kind’’, Said Wawira.

Anthony Munga also teacher said students are passionate for both theory and practical lessons.
”We teach them how to put logos on teachers and writing and those who understands faster get clients and get some cash from just doing this, it is a great experience”, Munga said.

This programme is part of the education system that provides courses and training programmes related to employment with a view to enable the transition from Secondary Education to work for young trainees / students (social objective) and supply the labour market with competent apprentices (economic objective).

Courses here are similar to those being offered at TVET which has many benefits; Cost-efficiency of vocational education. TVET institutions are known to be less expensive than attending a college or university. They are specialized programmes. It gives Practical experience, Flexible schedules, Hands-on environment, Join the workforce quickly and Well-paying career opportunities.

Successful candidates from the institution have accredited the skills and knowledge from strict guidelines from the institution. I met with Abigael Irankunda, she said, “I Have learned a lot and ready for the market’’.

She added, “In my class we get to know things faster and that has helped us to do some works like tailoring thus earning. Other youths around should join us so as to get this skills.”

Kamadi Amata
I am a digital content creator with niche in Health, politics, and Human Interest Features.

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