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“Busia Senator Okiya Omtatah Vows to Challenge Proposed Finance Bill 2023 in Court”

By Kamadi Amata

Prominent activist and Busia Senator, Okiya Omtatah, has announced his intention to take the proposed Finance Bill 2023 to court. Following the Madaraka Day celebrations, Omtatah stated that he would engage with the bill in a legal battle, emphasizing that there will be significant developments to come.

Omtatah clarified that he would have preferred to oppose the bill within the Senate if it were to be tabled there. However, as it is only expected to be presented in the National Assembly, he has chosen to pursue legal action instead.

Expressing his concerns about the bill’s potential impact on the nation’s industrial foundation, Omtatah argued that it threatens to regress Kenya’s progress and likened it to a step backward towards primitive times.

Describing the matter as a critical battle for the republic of Kenya and the soul of the country, Omtatah asserted his determination not to shy away from the fight, emphasizing the country’s limited alternatives and the need to protect its interests.

Moreover, Omtatah declared his readiness to confront those who challenge him outside the Senate building, emphasizing that the upcoming struggle would be fierce and without any concessions.

Recently, Omtatah voiced his intent to challenge specific clauses within the proposed Finance Bill 2023, citing their noncompliance with the constitution. He also urged the President to review and rectify any aspects that violate the law.

Kamadi Amata
Kamadi Amatahttps://mtaaniradio.or.ke
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