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Security Officer Fatally Stabbed on His Way to Work in Dagoretti

By Kamadi Amata

Subtitle: Concerns rise as insecurity plagues Dagoretti South.

A security officer employed by a BM company tragically lost his life on Friday morning while heading to work. The officer, identified as Renson Efumbi, also known as Bazuu, was stationed at the BM offices in Dagoretti Corner. He was fatally stabbed in the chest and back, leading to his death. The incident occurred around 5 o’clock in the morning, close to Lenana Boys High School. Efumbi, a resident of Mutugo, was a well-known figure among his colleagues and the local community.

The incident has caused distress in the area, which has been facing increased insecurity, especially near the railway crossing in the Lenana area. Authorities swiftly responded to the attack and took Efumbi’s body to the city morgue.

This unfortunate incident highlights the pressing security concerns in Dagoretti South. Residents and businesses have expressed worry about the rising crime rate and are calling on authorities to take immediate action.

The loss of Renson Efumbi, a dedicated security officer, emphasizes the need for collective efforts in addressing insecurity in the area. It underscores the importance of improved security measures, increased patrols, and community involvement to ensure the safety of Dagoretti South’s residents and workers.

As investigations continue, residents and authorities hope for justice to be served and steps to be taken to prevent such senseless acts of violence in the future.

Kamadi Amata
Kamadi Amata
I am a digital content creator with niche in Health, politics, and Human Interest Features.

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