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“Kabiria Resident Seeks Justice Over Unpaid Wages, Urges Real Race Security Company to Act”

By Mercy Atieno

Abel Shimene, a middle-aged man from Kwa Chief in Kabiria, is currently facing financial distress after working for Real Race Security Company for over five months without receiving his rightful payments. As a single parent of two sons, Shimene’s life has been severely impacted, leading to his children being unable to attend school due to a lack of school fees, and even facing eviction as he cannot pay his landlord.

“Iam the one who is taking care of my two children one is at home with her aunt and i have the ather boy with me here in Nairobi.
i was depening on my security job to raise them but right now i dont have any source that can help me sustain them in School.
my house is also closed because of i have nowhere to get to pay my Lanlord” said Shimene.

Following numerous attempts to seek justice through labor offices and security departments, Shimene’s efforts have proven futile. Despite having a letter from labor offices, the situation remains unchanged.

“We agreed he be paying me endmonth by the end of May i asked him about my salary as we had agreed he started dodging my calls and even hunged some i have tried reching labour offices but they have not been able to help me because of the filthy history of that company” Shimene Added.

Mtaani Radio Newsdesk contacted the manager of Real Race Security Company Thomas Wandai, for his response to the complaint. The manager distanced himself from the matter and suggested that Shimene should follow the appropriate channels to address his grievances.

“If he has any complain regarding his salary he knows where to channel his issue let him come see Human Resource and sort out that issue because from i where i sit i dont think that is correct because any matter that is directly link to labour we normally deal with labour and if he has such pending issues he should follow with the labour”.

In response to the manager’s statement, Shimene expressed frustration at the company’s lack of cooperation. He claims to have visited the company’s offices several times to meet with Human Resources, only to be repeatedly turned away by the security guards.

“I have really tried reaching out to the management to know probably i was the problem but it seams the security guard had a prior agreement with the management that whenever am seen there they should lock me out”.

Appealing for resolution, Shimene is now urging Real Race Security Company to address his unpaid wages, which amount to three months’ worth, so that he can enroll his children back in school.

“I am pleading with Real Race Security Company to pay me what is rightfully owed to me for the last three months. This will enable me to provide for my children’s education and improve our living conditions,” Shimene earnestly requested.

Kamadi Amata
Kamadi Amata
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