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Family of Douglas Kalasinga, Victim of Protests, Faces Financial Burden

By Fridah Okachi

The family of Douglas Kalasinga, who tragically lost his life during the recent anti-government demonstrations held from Wednesday to Friday, is seeking assistance from the public to fund his post-mortem. The demonstrations, organized by the Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya alliance led by Raila Odinga, saw the loss of 50 lives, including Kalasinga’s, in a confrontation with the police in Kawangware 56.

According to Kalasinga’s sister, Rose Namalwa, he was not involved in the demonstrations nor was he a front-liner in the protests. On the day of the incident, at around 5pm, the police encountered Kalasinga while he was working as a bodaboda rider. They found him obstructed by a roadblock set up during the protests in the area and, unfortunately, resorted to firing, resulting in his immediate death.

A fellow bodaboda rider only identify as (Victor) in the area, stated that Kalasinga was a peaceful person and had no active role in the demonstrations. He witnessed Kalasinga moving away from the protest area when he was shot.

Now, the Kalasinga family is faced with financial challenges in arranging for his post-mortem and transporting his body back to their village. They are relying on Kalasinga’s friends in Kawangware to help cover the expenses. They have set up speakers with music along the road, hoping that well-wishers and Good Samaritans passing by would contribute a small amount towards the burial costs. by the time of publication of this article, they have collected only two thousand Kenya shillings, which is far from enough to meet all the expenses, leaving them in a difficult and emotional situation.

Frank Shikambe, a close associate of Kalasinga, revealed that he and Kalasinga had jointly purchased a motorbike on loan, with Kalasinga contributing consistently. Kalasinga’s death has left Frank and others devastated, as he was using the motorbike as a source of income.

Namalwa with other family members at Kalasinga home, Madiaba- Kawangware 56

In light of this tragedy, Frank pleads for the government and opposition leaders to work together to put an end to the ongoing differences and violence, as the youth are suffering immensely.

The Kalasinga family’s plea for assistance highlights the devastating impact such events can have on the lives of innocent individuals and their loved ones. As the community mourns the loss of Douglas Kalasinga, they hope for unity and support to navigate through these challenging times.

“We had given Kalasinga family to give us the feedback how to go about it. It’s tough for us since everything is on us, the family has nothing and depending on us right now there is no income. What we have decided is to have speakers with music here on the road so that Good Samaritan can give s that 10 shillings, 20 bob to ensure our brother get at home. Right now we have managed to get two thousands shillings only, we are in dilemma because we don’t know if the money we will get we will buy a suit for him? A coffin for him or we will use for transport? Just tough for us,” Says victor as his eyes turns red due to the emotions carrying him during the interview.

A big speaker along Muslim road as a way to attract pedestrian so that they can contribute for Kalasinga burial

One Wednesday Azimio la Umoja One Kenya converged a vigil for victims who were shot and killed or injured during past anti-government protests.

The vigil was among many that were held on Wednesday in various towns in the country to honour, mourn those killed and wish quick recovery those in hospitals.

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