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Fostering a Healthy and Sustainable Environment through Community-Led in Kiambu County

By Evans Kibe

Kiambu County Executive for Roads, Transport, and Public Works, Mburu Kangethe, is appealing to residents from different parts of Kiambu to join him on Saturday, July 29th, 2023, for a cleanup exercise that will take place in various areas, including Gitaru, Wangige, and other locations where he will be present. Speaking to Mtaani Radio News desk, Mburu emphasized that maintaining a clean environment is a collective responsibility of both county officers and members of the public.

Previously, members of the Kiambu County Executive engaged with leaders from local churches to garner support and ensure community ownership of the cleanup initiative. The cleanup activity in Kiambu was initiated by Governor Kimani Wa Matangi with the aim of creating a conducive environment free from communicable diseases such as cholera, diarrhea and bilharzia.

Over the past three months, Mburu Kang’ethe has been actively leading cleanup exercises, involving various community organizations within Kiambu County, including Kifagio at Uthiru Ward in Kabete constituency and different church leaders in Wangige, Kabete Constituency, and other areas such as Juja, Ruiru, Limuru, and all constituencies in Kiambu County. Kang’ethe expressed satisfaction with the growing momentum of the initiative and encouraged local leaders, including Members of County Assemblies, to take the lead in organizing similar exercises in their respective wards.

Looking ahead, Kang’ethe aims to dispel the notion that it is solely the responsibility of environmental county officers to clean up the environment. Instead, he emphasizes the need for community engagement and collaboration with county government officers to ensure a clean environment. To implement this approach, he proposes that Kiambu residents set a regular date to clean the environment, suggesting the last Saturday of every month for this purpose.

Regarding the budget for the cleanup program, Mburu revealed that the County Government of Kiambu has not allocated funds for the exercise. Therefore, he appeals to members of the public to volunteer their time and efforts for the cleanup. Additionally, he urges private institutions within Kiambu County, such as banks and well-established businesses, to support the initiative by providing protective gear like gloves, brooms, gumboots, and aprons.

Governor Kimani Wa Matangi’s call for the cleanup aligns with Kenya’s efforts to combat climate change, a global issue affecting many countries. In Kenya, the government has reported that over 3.5 million Kenyans are facing starvation as a result of climate change, particularly in marginalized counties.

In response to climate change challenges, President William Ruto has pledged to plant at least 15 billion tree seedlings by 2032 to restore forests and mitigate the effects of climate change. The government aims to achieve this target by planting trees in all public utilities. Just as Governor Kimani Wamatangi’s cleanup exercise gains momentum, he might also consider leading tree-planting initiatives in Kiambu County.

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Kamadi Amata
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