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African Mission Church Recovers Stolen Items and Calls for Enhanced Security

By Fridah Okachi

The African Mission Revival Church has successfully recovered some of the items that were stolen by the thieves who broke into the church on Wednesday night. Pastor Daniel Ngige Ndungu was able to locate items such as cups and speaker boxes, which were found on a nearby farm close to the church.

According to Pastor Daniel, a group of young individuals had forcibly entered the church by breaking the door on Wednesday night. He mentioned, “I usually come here daily at 6am in the morning as I have for the past four years, and I usually come here to preach. That morning when I was approaching the door, I realized the door was open.”

Upon inspection, Pastor Daniel discovered that the stolen items amounted to more than two hundred and fifty thousand Kenyan shillings. These items included a carpet, three large speakers, a dispenser, mixers, and a wireless microphone. In response, Pastor Daniel contacted several members of the church, and together they reported the incident to the nearby Kirigu Police Post.

The police arrived at the crime scene and conducted an analysis. They suggested that the stolen items might be located nearby in the area before leaving. Subsequently, Pastor Daniel and other church members were directed to proceed to the Mutuini Police Station to file an official report (OB).

This is not the first instance of theft experienced by the African Mission Revival Church. Two years prior, Pastor Daniel had arrived at the church early in the morning only to find that some iron sheets had been tampered with by unknown individuals.

In light of these recurring incidents, Pastor Daniel is urging the police to reconsider their strategies, as some of the local youths seem to have become familiar with law enforcement patterns. Insecurity issues in the area have been largely ignored, despite a rising number of mugging incidents during daylight hours.

Bishop Simon Chege Ng’ang’a emphasized that the Mutuini area has been witnessing a series of concerning incidents. He called for strengthened security measures, particularly due to the involvement of many youths in theft-related activities. Bishop Simon also appealed to the local youth to reduce their consumption of marijuana and alcohol, as these substances often lead to undesirable behavior.

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