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Uhuru, Mama Ngina mourns freedom fighter Muthoni Wa Kirima,A Hero’s Farewell”

By Kamadi Amata

Former President Uhuru Kenyatta and former First Lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta have mourned the death of Field Marshal Muthoni Wa Kirima.
In a statement on Friday, Uhuru said she was a patriot whose death has left a huge vacuum that will be hard to fill.
Uhuru described her as a great warrior who was one of the most revered Mau Mau shujaa freedom fighters.

“Her footsteps, particularly within the forest, played a pivotal role in supporting like-minded leaders in the fight for our country’s liberation from colonial rule and in securing the rights of Kenyans for political, social, and economic progress towards our nation’s freedom, independence, and development,” President Uhuru expressed.

Uhuru emphasized that Field Marshal Muthoni holds an indelible place in Kenya’s rich history of liberation struggles and achievements. “She will be remembered not only for her bravery and courage but also for her unwavering dedication and contribution to Kenya.”

In her eulogy, Mama Ngina cherished the memories and shared the joy of the recent past, where Field Marshal Muthoni, herself, and others created many stories together. “I thank God for the privilege and honor of knowing and sharing the challenging period in our country’s history during colonial rule, alongside many others, including Field Marshal Muthoni wa Kirima,” she expressed.

President Uhuru extended his gratitude to all Mau Mau heroes and freedom fighters for their selflessness, dedication, and sacrifices, which paved the way for Kenya’s current progress. “Farewell and rest in peace, Field Marshal Muthoni wa Kirima, a true hero of the Mau Mau struggle for freedom.”

Field Marshal Muthoni will be laid to rest at her Tetu home in Nyeri on Friday, September 22, 2023.

Kamadi Amata
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