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Prosecution Now Wants Kevin Kang’ethe Sent To Industrial Area Prison

By Kamadi Amata

The state has this morning asked the court to have Kevin Kangethe detained at Industrial Area Remand Prison pending his extradition proceedings.

Prosecution counsel Vincent Monda told Chief Magistrate Lucas Onyina that to secure Kangethe and make sure he appears in court, it’s best he be remanded at Industrial Area Prison and not at a police station.

Contrary to assertions by the defence team, the prosecution said they do not seek to limit Kang’ethe’s access to his counsels.

Monda assured the court that Kange’the would have access to his legal team while in remand.

Before his escape, Kange’the had been detained at Muthaiga police cells.

He was re-arrested on Tuesday at a relative’s house in Ngong.

It’s based on this that the prosecution wants him held at the Industrial Area Prison.

Monda said that in case Kangethe requires any medical attention it should be done in consultation with the government doctors attached to Industrial Area Prison.

But the defence team objected to the prosecution’s application saying Kange’the has not been charged with any of offence to warrant his detainment at Industrial Area Prison.

They told the court their client is only facing extradition proceedings which in a nutshell are neither criminal nor civil.

The court will deliver its ruling at 3 pm.


Kamadi Amata
Kamadi Amata
I am a digital content creator with niche in Health, politics, and Human Interest Features.

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