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Strengthening Construction through Geological Expertise

By Kassim Wanjiru

Before the commencement of any construction project, a geological survey must be an integral part of the planning process. The surge in collapsed buildings and roads in the country necessitates the involvement of geologists to ensure the safety and longevity of constructions.

Speaking at the Geo-East Africa Conference and Expo 2024 in Nairobi on February 21, 2024, Professor Daniel Olago, Chairman of the Geologists Registration Board, emphasized that the skills of geologists are crucial for robust and durable constructions.

“Geologists can play a major role in providing accurate geological information that enhances the welfare, well-being, and safety of our people in building and road construction,” said Daniel Olago.

He added that geological insights can contribute to developing affordable construction budgets, minimizing costs, and averting unintended consequences associated with ignoring earth-based knowledge.

However, the geological profession faces a shortage of qualified geologists, as non-specialists are reportedly taking over positions in the field. The Geologists Registration Board urges the Ministry of Education and other stakeholders to address the issue, making geography courses more accessible to students.

Concerns have also been raised about the lack of geology knowledge in school curricula. The geologists advocate for the inclusion of geology in the new Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) and the harmonization of higher education courses.

George Eshamata, a UNESCO member, stressed the need for more students, especially women, to pursue geology degrees to harness the geological resources for the country’s progress.

The geologists are appealing for amendments to the Geologists Registration Board Act of 1993 to define the role of geologists in construction nationwide.

They also seek changes to the Mining Act to allow geologists direct access to areas without the need for individual or private landowner consent, advocating for engagement through area representatives.

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