Past Campaigns & Achievements

Mtaani Radio has previously undertaken very serious and critical campaigns which include; on kabiria road construction, Environments, Gender base violence (GBV), Insecurity and children’s matters. This was done through various programs. That are Amka na mtaa morning show and the road is on construction. (GBV) was done on Sauti ya Watoto segment in Elimika mtaani program and insecurity was done on the Youth Agenda program. The programs involve the community participation and the local leaders from within Dagoretti Sub-county.

Mobilizing Community Action through Media Communication is a key element to empowering people to understand their rights and connect people to conceptualize a better future. When people have information about the government’s spending for example, they are able to understand plans to relieve poverty in their area and hold governments to account when plans are not realized.

Mtaani Radio recognizes the importance of connecting people in similar situations and mobilizing them to address the root cause of poverty together.