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A dead DISASTER Trap at BTG

By Evans Isohe.

Mtaani radio is following this developing story where a family in BTG-Kabiria lost two kids in unclear circumstances. The bodies of the two minors were retrieved from the on going construction sever line. According to their father, he left their kids sleeping when he left for his daily duties. He later received a disturbing call about the death of his two kids. He went straight to the hospital and found the lifeless bodies of his kids.

BTG residents stands along the ditched that killed two kids.

Musyoka Kianga was involved in removing the bodies of the two minors. Kianga said that the contractor was doing the work in a private land. The owner stopped the construction. Sadly the almost 10 feet’s ditch open. The area is swampy.

“They were constructing sewer line around this area and upon reaching here the owner of the land stopped them since they hadn’t agreed on constructing it to here. Children frequently play around here and this two happened to plunge in”. sadly they died. Said Kianga.

The father of the deceased 5 and 7 years of age said that he had gone to work leaving his kids in the house only to be called and being informed of the bad news.

“I am so sad. I left my kids in the house then I was called to be informed that my kids are dead.” Said frustrated George.

David Kiboi a resident at BTG for many years urged the county government of Nairobi together with the management of sewer line contractors to refill the ditches to avoid similar scenarios.

“They dug this ditch here and left it open which it is dangerous to the life of our kids. They should come and refill it and give directions on what the family should do after losing their kids, this is very shameful.” Said David.

Mtaani radio is doing a follow up on this story.

Edited By Kamadi Amata.

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