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By Evans Isohe

After every five years Kenyans constitutional goes to the general election. Elections are always come after an extensive campaigns. During campaigns politicians promised wananchi what they will do to them should they succeed. In 2022, Kenyans participated into the general election. Here six candidates of various posts were being elected; President, Governor, Senator, Member of Parliament, County Woman representative and member of county assembly.

During this year’s elections the then deputy president and Kenya Kwanza Presidential candidate William Ruto promised through a televised manifesto to continue with funding public learning institutions. The launched manifestos was on 30th June 2022 at Nyayo National Stadium in the capital city Nairobi.

.In his manifesto president William Ruto and Rigathi Gachagua, focus to improve the capacity of day Secondary schools and Universities to guarantee access to affordable and quality basic education.

In a televised program on Thursday of 30/06/2022, the duo promise to further reduce the cost of education. Kenya Kwanza coalition principals promised to introduce a special tariff for utilities for learning institutions.

“The Kenya Kwanza government commits to addressing the inequities in our education system so as to level the playing field for all children irrespective of their background. We further commit to equitable universal basic education defined as 12 years of schooling,” said Ruto.

President William Ruto during the Launch of Kenya Kwanza Manifestos

Ruto promised to initiate school feeding programme as a way to make many pupils and students stays in schools. He said the number could benefit up to eight millions beneficiaries. He said if Kenya Kwanza will win and formed government it will provide conditional grants to county governments to double the number.

Ruto also promised to establish a national fund to ensure that students across the country have equitable access to bursaries with the Kenya Kwanza alliance intending to cast the net wider to ensure inclusion of learners with disability.

This report was first published by Africa news on their website on 30 June 2022 at 2126hrs.

After winning the elections and forming the government, swearing in of his education cabinet secretary Ezekiel Machogu on November 5 2022 he said the government will no longer fund public universities and colleges urging them to find ways of generating their own-sourced of revenue.

“We are encouraging that they must generate their own revenue because the ex-checker as it is right now is not going to be able to continue funding more because in Kenya education takes 25.9pc, so we have to find other ways of creating and generating revenue for universities and they have to look at other revenue streams,” Machogu told journalists Saturday,.

“I am going to move around each and every university in Kenya because a number of our universities are faced with problems, particularly finance, you get them complaining about under-funding,” added CS Machogu.
This story was published by Citizen TV Kenya on twitter on November 5 2022.

However on Monday November 7 the Education Cabinet secretary, reversed his earlier statement that the state will stop subsidizing public universities.

In a statement released by ministry of education, Machogu declared that the ministry will continue funding universities eligible and that meet government requirements
On a story published by the Star newspaper on 8 November 2022 Machogu said he was misquoted by the media.

“Last week there was a fake media report purporting that the government will stop funding universities, I was misquoted, “he said.

Mtaani Radio has looked into what was promised and what the CS was quoted saying and found out the information to be confusing and misleading.


This fact check was published by Mtaani Radio with support from Code for Africa’s PesaCheck and African Fact-Checking Alliance.

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Kamadi Amata
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