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Mega Projects still to come-KJ

Mega projects will make my political enemies fumble again.

By Kamadi Amata.

Dagoretti south Member of Parliament John KJ Kiarie has assured Waithaka residents and Matatu operators commuting along Naivasha road that the construction of new Waithaka Bridge will be completed by the mid July. Speaking exclusively to Mtaani Radio, when inspecting the progress of the bridge, the MP said that was one of the mega projects being implemented in the constituency.

‘’Na miradi yote unaona ikiendelea Dagoretti, ukiona vyaelea jua vimeundwa. This means in 2018, I did a lot of lobbying on the budget. This has enable the development of roads.  In 2019 too I did lobbying on the budget again to ensure we have money for roads development. In 2020/21 budget too, so let no one be scared that nothing is happening. All work being implemented by the national government, uses budget. We lobby for this budget in the national assembly. No budget will come to Dagoretti south, if the area MP is not involved in the lobbying. Similarly even in counties, MCAs have done the lobby’’.  

The MP has refutes claims that has been spreading on different social media site that his office has been bridging the contract through single sourcing. Precisely he says the contractor constructing Waithaka Bridge has been contracted directly by Kenya urban authority to carry out the projects.

‘’Avoid romuors being spread in social media. If some persons are scared with the few projects being implemented, then they are in for a rude shock. I still have a year or so. Mega projects will come. He or she should congratulate mwananchi for getting it right this time round’’, Kiarie said.


The vocal Member of Parliament has also throw his development projects to education sector. In the last three years four secondary schools have been constructed. Others are underway. Kiarie told Mtaani Radio that he desire each primary school to have a secondary school. This will help in ensuring the government 100% transition from primary level to secondary and tertiary level.

The secondary schools that have so far been constructed include, Ndurarua secondary school, Mutuini girl’s secondary school, Mukarara secondary and Kagira secondary both under construction. All these schools were initiated through the Dagoretti south NG-CDF between the financial years 2017/8-2019/20.

Kiarie said the projects were requested by Dagoreti south residents during public participation in the year 2017/18, 2019. In addition, he said construction of Waithaka Bridge, Kagondo road and currently construction of Ngina road are some of projects that he has archive through lobbying.


Kamadi Amata
I am a digital content creator with niche in Health, politics, and Human Interest Features.

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